Who we are:

TLP Packaging is based in US and Vietnam. We are a supplier of eco-friendly, reusable promotional bags. TLP Packaging was built on the simple notion of replacing those polyester bags with sustainable, reusable bags. Our ongoing objective is to become a packaging resource for our clients; not just a company from which to buy bags.

Why choose us:

Full customization: We make bags in every size and every color, variety of options for material, weight, handles, piping, pockets, labels, and closures in a wide variety of styles and much more.

Quality products: Every order we complete is crafted from the highest quality materials, chosen for their durable construction and accurate printing capabilities.

Affordable pricing: We promise to offer the most affordable and competitive pricing around without compromising on quality.

A+ Customer Service: We are here to provide you with a friendly and helpful atmosphere. We are available to answer any of your queries at any time.

Production lines:

Our US head office is located in Modesto City CA, US. Our production facilities are in Vietnam and China with social quality certificates and strict production certificates such as BSCI and Sedex 2/4 Pillar.

Global sourcing:

We source the best products across the globe, ensuring your packaging program is of the highest quality, best value, and is on-time. With networks in US, Canada, Europe and Asia, we are able to provide you with a packaging program that suits your needs and desires.

Logistics and distribution:

Our international networks of manufacturing facilities allow us to distribute anywhere in the world, allowing us to provide advanced, customized services that fits your specific business model. No matter where your product is coming from or where it is going, we have the means to get it there safely and on time.