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B.C. reusable bag requirements expected in forthcoming regulation

Thursday, 03/11/2022

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In the spring of 2022, the B.C. government held discussions on cutting back on the use of single-use items. The RCC anticipates that the regulation will reflect the ideas presented in the consultation document. A definition is given in the document, which reads, "Reusable bag: A bag intended and produced to be used and machine cleaned at least 100 times." In their answer to the consultation, RCC noted that the machine-washable criterion would preclude using suitable substitutes like leather and jute. RCC anticipates that this regulation will take effect in BC in 2024. We anticipate that the bags could be subject to an eco-fee if they fall under the province's extended producer responsibility framework. The government has stated that a "What We Heard" report will be released soon.
This can be a paramount step that the government takes to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by single-use plastic bags, so why can reusable bags be considered an optimal solution?  Let's find out the benefits of this reusable shopping bag!

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The benefits of reusable shopping bags 

  • Eco-friendly: Such advantages can be figured out when you compare the reusable bags and Plastic bags. Using reusable bags is considered the best environmental protection method. Because these reusable bags are biodegradable with the environment and have a short life cycle (disposal time is 2-3 years). When using this type of eco-friendly bag, we will contribute to reducing the amount of waste in the environment as well as reducing CO2 from waste flying into the atmosphere. After decomposition, they can be used as a source of fertilizer for plants.

  • Reusable bags are safe for health: Using plastic bags is not safe for health and also can cause disease because it comes into direct contact with food, making food and food contaminated with toxic chemicals from it. Colored plastic bags, if used for ready-to-eat foods, will be toxic to food as they contain metals such as lead. In addition, cadmium is also harmful to the brain and is the main cause of cancer. As for the recycled bags, they are produced with environmentally friendly fabrics, certified as safe for health, so they can be safely used as a substitute for plastic bags, plastic bags ...

  • Custom reusable bags come in a wide variety of stylish shapes and prints, making shopping a bit less routine and more fun. They can be customized and imprinted with logos and designs to be used over and over.

  • These shopping bags can be reused many times: If plastic bags and plastic bags are used only once and then put in the trash, burlap bags can be reused many times, because they are made from durable and friendly materials, so customers can rest assured to reuse this reusable bag many times.


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