Turnaround Time

  • Pre-production sample: 2-3 weeks after approval of print layout
  • Mass production: 7-9 weeks after approval of print layout or pre-production sample with ocean and ground shipping
  • Rush production: 4-6 weeks after approval of print layout with air freight shipping

Artwork Requirements

  • Artwork files must be submitted in an acceptable file format — AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF or PSD (Adobe Photoshop).
  • Artwork that does not conform to the required specifications will delay order processing

Proofs. Laminated Bags

  • A virtual (digital) sample is provided free-of-charge
  • A physical pre-production sample can be ordered for $298 — add 2-3 weeks to total production time

Proofs. Fabric Bags

  • A digital proof showing imprint location is provided free-of-charge
  • A physical preproduction sample can be ordered for $198 – add 2-3 weeks to total production time


  • Cartons are made-to-order according to bag size
  • Normal packing is 100 per carton for regular size bags. Custom packing or bundling is available. Additional charges may apply

Custom Printing on Cartons

  • Customer information and specs can be printed on the cartons in one ink color at no extra charges.
  • Multicolor printing can done at additional charges.

Shipment to multiple locations

  • is available at $30 per location.



  • Every effort will be made at in-hand date but TLP only can guarantee the shipping date.
  • TLP is not responsible for delay due to bad weather, port congestion, custom's hold, labor disputes, domestic transportation delays, flight delays and cancellations, terrorists attacks and other factors that are beyond our control.


  • The custom is responsible for all materials, labor and other expanses incurred from the order date to receipt of the written cancellation request.

Return Policy

  • All bags are custom made and are not returnable.
  • In case of printing errors and product defects, the custom must contact TLP within one week of the receipt of the bags to pursue a claim to reprint or refund.

Specifications for Adobe Illustrator files

  • All linked images must be sent with the Illustrator file.
  • Linked images must be in CMYK and at least 300 dpi resolution at reproduction size.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • Any spot colors should be Pantone colors and on separate layers – a separate layer for each spot color.

Color Accuracy

  • The final printed color is determined by the artwork file(s) submitted. Because most computer monitors display colors inaccurately, the final printed color may vary from its onscreen appearance
  • If a specific color needs to be matched, a Pantone ink color number must be specified, and an extra plate made
  • If overall color needs to be matched, the customer must provide a color-correct print for the production facility along with the artwork and order. A $99 international shipping charge will be added to cover the cost of forwarding the color-correct print to the facility

Plate Charges

  • 4-color print process requires 5 plates: CMYK + white. The maximum number of colors (and plates) is 7: CMYK + white + 2 spot colors
  • Spot color inks also may be required for color matching, for large solid areas of color, or small colored text. Each additional spot color requires a separate plate
  • The number of plates needed cannot be determined until the final artwork is submitted and reviewed

Over/Under Runs

  • The exact quantity is provided for no additional charge. Occasionally, there may be an over or under-run, but they will be within 2%

Shipping Terms

  • All prices are based on FOB LA. Orders ship from CA zip code 90220.

Sample Policy

  • Most custom items are not available as samples.
  • Similar random bags can be provided at no charge. Laminated material switches are also available at request. Carrier's account number is required for express shipping and 3+ samples.

Trademark Use

  • TLP assumes that customer has received all logo authorizations prior to sending artwork to TLP.
  • Trademarks, registered marks and logos shown on our products are to demonstrate print production capabilities only and are property of their respective owners.
  • TLP reserves the right to use all product samples and images for marketing and display purposes, unless otherwise specified in writing when the order is placed.