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Letter: Fee on Shopping Bags will Hurt Those with Limited Incomes

Thursday, 29/12/2022

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The fee on plastic and paper bags, passed by the Colorado Democrat legislature, is actually a tax and will hurt those with limited income.

As a tax, it should have been voted on through ‘referendum’ by all of the people of Colorado. It is an example of the ‘tax and spend’ policies of the Democrat party.

The people of Colorado will eventually get fed up and will vote the Democrats out of office. Then the Republicans will have to fix the mess that the Democrats have made.

In the meantime, people will get around the bag tax as best they can. Debbie and I spend an average of $400 per week on groceries for our employees. Reusable bags is not an option.  We will cease shopping in Durango and will spend our money in Farmington and at Farmers Fresh in Ignacio.

J. Paul Brown

Ignacio, CO

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