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How many times do you need to reuse your reusable bags?

Tuesday, 14/03/2023

People use reusable bags as a way to decrease the environmental impact caused by plastic bags. However, this trend has introduced a new problem in the pursuit of sustainability.

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How many times do you need to reuse your reusable bags to make an impact on the environment?

Thick plastic or cloth reusable bags may actually have a higher carbon footprint than typical thin plastic shopping bags. According to a UN report, a thick plastic bag must be used 10 to 20 times to have a significant impact compared to a single-use plastic bag.

Cotton bags face a similar challenge as a Danish report stated that a cotton bag needs to be used over 7,000 times to be an environmentally friendly alternative to a regular plastic bag. To reduce environmental impact, the best approach is to reuse the bags you have at home as many times as possible.


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