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Order Processing Steps For Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Saturday, 02/07/2022

Are you preparing to order custom shopping bags and aren’t sure what the whole process looks like? Did you receive a quote and were surprised by the length of the production time for the normal order? In fact, on average, you need to allow up to 7 to 9 weeks for the whole process – artwork submission, approval, production, and delivery.

TLP Packaging has professional employees to ensure the manufacturing of each order. We simplify the procedure to make custom bags for you as quickly as possible and still guarantee their quality. Let’s take a look at how we will work together.

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1. Provide the detailed specifications of your bags

  • Choose the material: Currently, we are providing various materials namely PP woven, PP nonwoven, RPET, and Paper. To know more about these materials, click here.
  • Determine the quantity: Since this is a custom product, the more you can order, the lower the price can be.

  • Dimension & Bag Style: of the bag Height x Width x Depth.

  • Choose handle: Provide the exact length and width you desire.

  • Print details: How many sides of the bags you would like to print. It can be front, back, both, or even bottom and handles. If you have specific print colors, confirm Pantone color codes so these can be matched otherwise they will be derived from the art file.

2. Provide artwork if you have any or we can create something for you

Please attach your artwork to the email and make sure your artwork is in a suitable format for printing.

If you do not have any artwork available, we can create it for you. Provide accurate print details that you would like the artwork to appear on the bag. Do you want your website address or anything else printed?

3. Then we will provide you with a quote and a digital/physical bag sample for your approval

A physical sample will be delivered to you with or without charge depending on the quantity of your order and it can be negotiated. Confirm your delivery address, contact name, and phone number before receiving samples.

4. With your approval, sign off and receipt of a purchase order, we move to the next step.

5. Special Instructions

Please email any other special instructions you may have

6. Sign off Artwork Layout:

A mock-up of your bag as a diagram in PDF format will be forwarded. This usually takes a few days from receipt of the artwork. Once this is approved, a physical pre-production sample is made.

7. Approve pre-production sample:

Before the bags are made you will receive either a JPEG photo of the sample or the actual physical sample will be sent to you for approval. With the JPEG photo, it can save about one to two weeks of time approving.

8. Physical Production, Packaging, Shipping, and Delivery:

Allow up to 4 weeks for bags to go into rush production and w/air freight shipping. For normal production and w/express ocean and ground shipping, it usually takes up 5 to 7 weeks from the submission of artwork.

9. Guarantee:

We stand behind every order and will replace any defective product.



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