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Reusable Shopping Bags: Making The Transition

Wednesday, 01/03/2023

When you left for the store, you remembered to bring your own reusable bags, but now that you're in the checkout line, you realize they're still in the back seat.

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Sound familiar?

Besides, it's chilly and you're in a hurry and you really don't want to hold up the line while you dash back to the car to grab them. What do you do then?

You can pay the required bag fee of 10 cents per bag this time, but you’d rather not. The per bag fee for paper or plastic was signed into law in Colorado in 2021 and came into effect on January 1, 2023 under House Bill HB 21-1162, the Management of Plastic Products:

Or this time you could just load the groceries into the cart – without any bags – and put the items into your reusable bags when you get to your vehicle.

Old habits die hard but you can make the transition to reusable bags without too much effort and you can have fun doing it.

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