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6 types of Kraft paper are used in making paper bags

Saturday, 11/06/2022
Yuki Chen

Reusable paper Shopping Bags are the contemporary smart options today. These are much in demand today since plastic bags are being denounced worldwide by receptive individuals and governments. However, the fashion industry and big showrooms have been using them for quite some time. This will be interesting to know what types of papers are being used in reusable shopping bags.

The paper requirement for different paper shopping bags depends on the purpose of the bags for every business. You need to ascertain what strength you would require for the paper. The paper quality for garments would be different, as you may need glossier and thicker paper. On the other hand, you may need thinner and sturdier papers to produce paper bags for other wares such as groceries and miscellaneous items. For food packaging bags, there are food-grade papers, and so on.

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Types of papers needed for paper bag production

Paper Shopping bag manufacturers use different types of ‘Kraft papers’ with each having its own unique application as per their trade. Get to know about Kraft papers and others for making shopping bags as per diverse business needs.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is mostly used for making shopping bags. It is manufactured with a softwood sulfate bleached board (SBB) or solid bleached sulfate (SBS). It’s a thicker paper available in different colors and variants. Its natural colors include yellowish brown, light brown, cream, or white. Kraft paper has a sturdier tensile strength with natural options like a single light, double light, stripes, and no grains.

Kraft paper is popular and applied for making paper shopping bags, packaging paper bags, and envelope bags, to name a few options. Its shopping and packaging bags are environment-friendly, used as food takeaway paper bags and most of the garments & supermarket consumer goods. This also has some exciting variants for general and custom usages.

  1. Virgin Natural Kraft Paper: It’s a sturdy paper designed to take a substantial load. It’s a smooth and durable paper, which is very popular for its strength, clean looks, and reasonable price. Its additional features include tear-resistant and are suitable for printing brands and details of enterprises. Besides shopping bags, it’s used generally for protective layering, wrapping, pallet interleaving, carrier sheets, and making customized bags of all sizes. The thickness of this paper remains between 30# to 70#.

  2. Natural Recycled Kraft Paper: It's a more environmentally-friendly selection, although not as sturdy as the virgin natural Kraft paper. However, it is good for carrying garments and groceries in its shopping bags. Its weight is as per thickness, available between 30# to 70#.

  3. Printed Kraft Paper: it’s a versatile and custom-printed Kraft paper used for making shopping bags, packaging, and creating branded wrappings.

  4. Black Kraft Paper: Mostly black Kraft paper is used for packing and carrying objects like frames and other fragile stuff. It is durable and used specifically as shopping bags, where the light’s exposure is not desired.

  5. Colored Kraft Paper: Available in different colors, this paper is used for packaging children’s toys and books by different high-end sellers.

  6. White or Bleached Kraft Paper: This paper has remarkable strength and durability with a strikingly cleaner and finished look. Its paper bags are much in demand from those who appreciate quality and like to maintain certain high standards.

Paper Bags are a great alternative to plastic bags as they are environmentally friendly, are able to carry reasonable weight and custom paper bags allow brands to add their logos and other messaging to create a personalized product and allow for advertising opportunities.


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